Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in?

Hangi Kripto Paraya Yatırım Yapılmalı? Yatırım Yapılabilecek En İyi 10 Kripto Para Birimi? Yükselecek coinler hakkında detaylı bilgiler yazıda ..
Hangi Kripto Paraya Yatırım Yapılmalı? Yatırım Yapılabilecek En İyi 10 Kripto Para Birimi? Yükselecek coinler hakkında detaylı bilgiler yazıda ..

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Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in? Coins that will rise in the short and long term? Cryptocurrencies that will make you rich in the article …

Although cryptocurrencies are risky investment instruments, they have become the most popular investment instrument in recent years. In a world that is becoming more digitalized every day, people and many large companies are investing in cryptocurrencies in order to be less affected by inflation while fiat currencies are losing more and more value every day.

In this article, we have compiled the best cryptocurrencies you can invest in and the best cryptocurrency exchanges you can trade. If you don’t know much about crypto, don’t worry, in this article we have tried to provide information about the projects as clearly as possible.

Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in? Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in? Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in?

Things to Consider When Buying Cryptocurrency

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies but are not very knowledgeable, paying attention to these tips before investing will protect you from possible losses. For this reason, you should make sure that you pay attention to the tips we have listed for you before investing.

1. Have a Strategy

Due to the popularity of cryptocurrency, project owners advertise their projects. You may have heard about the crypto world by hearing that cryptocurrencies earn a lot of money, but you may not have heard many scam stories.

Therefore, before investing in a project, you should research and critically approach it. Look at what the project can do, not what it offers, ask questions such as how many users it has, what it aims to solve, and invest in projects that you think are promising.

2. Manage Your Risk

You might be tempted to invest in cryptocurrencies you’ve heard about, but you should remember that no one knows what you’re risking except you. Therefore, only you know what is best for you.

Set a limit on how much you can invest before you invest and don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. Due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, cryptocurrencies are risky investment instruments and even skilled traders can lose money. Therefore, you should manage your own risk and profit and loss situation.

3. Diversify Your Portfolio

Let’s say you have a single basket and you put all your eggs in one basket. When the basket falls, you can face unpleasant consequences. Investing is the same way, if you put all your money in one unit, when the price of the unit you invested in falls but the others rise, you will feel like you missed an opportunity and you may make mistakes. Therefore, you can reduce your investment risk by diversifying your portfolio.

4. Be Ready to Invest for the Long Term

Like everyone else, you may be one of those who wish you had bought Bitcoin when it first came out, but you could have paid 10,000 Bitcoin for 2 pizzas without thinking that Bitcoin would reach its current price. In the cryptocurrency market, prices change from day to day, sometimes with very rapid ups and downs. During these rapid price drops, new investors often make a sudden decision to sell their coins, thinking that they will completely lose their money.

However, if you look at Bitcoin’s chart, you can see that its price dropped from USD 19,000 to USD 3,000 and then rose to USD 64,000. This means that without panic buying and selling, if you’ve invested in a project you trust, waiting a long time can pay off handsomely. In other words, long-term crypto investment is one of the reliable ways to earn.

5. Automate Your Purchases

When buying cryptocurrency, you don’t have to buy it instantly. If you enter a buy or sell order, exchanges can buy and sell your cryptocurrency for you at any price while you sleep. This saves you time and the hassle of watching the exchange all day to find the best time to buy.

Best Cryptocurrencies to Trade

For those who don’t have enough time to read the research in our article, we have listed some cryptocurrencies below, you can either do your own research or read the rest of the article to learn about these crypto projects.

  • FGHT
  • CCHG
  • RIA
  • TARO
  • IMPT
  • D2T
  • TAMA
  • AVAX
  • KAVA
  • NEAR
  • BNB

1. Meta Masters Guide (MEMAG)

We can say that Meta Masters Guide is the most remarkable cryptocurrency of the current year. MEMAG is currently offered to investors at a price of 0.007 dollars per unit in the first stage of pre-sale. This project, which has collected 400 thousand dollars worth of investment in just 3 days, seems to make a lot of noise in 2023.

If we briefly explain this crypto project, the Play and Win themed Meta Masters Guild offers users an enjoyable gaming experience while playing games. Instead of doing this with only one game, 3 games are currently under development in different themes that will appeal to every user.

Today, there are many games where you can earn money by playing games, but 90% of these games are currently not in demand. This is due to the fact that their supply is not stable and their value is always decreasing because they can be earned in-game. Meta Masters Guild is solving this with a utility token called “GEMS”.

In-game, users can convert their GEMS tokens into MEMAG and stake them if they wish. If you want to learn more about this cryptocurrency, you can check out the white paper or join the Telegram group.

Ön Satış Evresi FiyatıToken Arz MiktarıToplam Değeri
1. Aşama0,007$70.000,000490,000$
2. Aşama0,010$63.000,000630,000$
3. Aşama0,013$56.000,000728,000$
4. Aşama0,016$49.000,000784,000$
5. Aşama0,019$42.000,000798,000$
6. Aşama0,021$35.000,000735,000$
7. Aşama0,023$35.000,000805,000$

Kripto varlıklar son derece değişken, düzensiz ve kontrolsüz bir yatırım ürünüdür.

2. FightOut (FGHT)

FightOut is an innovative Move And Earn (M2E) project that offers personalized and actionable health recommendations. The primary goal of the FightOut project is to use cryptocurrencies and NFTs as rewards to motivate users to complete workouts and improve their fitness levels.

Lack of social interaction, overpriced gym memberships, and poorly planned training routines are just some of the problems that the FightOut team wants to solve in the fitness industry. The development and launch of the FightOut app attempts to alleviate these problems while also providing financial incentives to the app’s users.

To help registered members lead healthier lives, this new cryptocurrency provides extensive resources and guidance. An NFT avatar can be created within the app, and when users exercise in the real world, their avatar will increase in power.

The FightOut whitepaper notes that REPS, the in-app currency, is used to pay for various incentives. You can use your REPS to buy something from the FightOut store or get a discount on your monthly FightOut subscription. But at the center of the FightOut ecosystem is the FGHT token, which you can use to buy additional REPS.

On December 14th, the FGHT token went on pre-sale and is currently available for purchase on the official website. It is worth noting that 90% of the total token supply is available in the pre-sale. If you cannot buy from the pre-sale, it will be very difficult to buy a very limited supply of 10% from decentralized exchanges.

If you have individual questions about the project, you can contact the authorized managers in the Telegram group of the project.

Ön Satış Başlangıç14 Aralık 2022
Satın Alma YöntemleriETH, USDT ve Transak
Blok ZinciriEthereum
Min YatırımN/A
Max YatırımN/A

3. C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge is an already pre-sold project that allows drivers of electric vehicles to earn carbon credits. If you’ve never invested in pre-sold cryptocurrency before, simply create a virtual wallet and transfer BNB or USDT into it to buy CCHG. If this method is too complicated for you, you can also trade C+Charge with a credit card through Transak.

You might be wondering why a new cryptocurrency is third on our list, because investing in cryptocurrencies on pre-sale is a risky proposition. C+Charge is unique in that it offers a global solution and the vision of its team. Since it is a pioneer in its field, it is very likely to jump upwards once the pre-sale is over and listed on exchanges.

CCHG, a sustainable cryptocurrency, has been reviewed by Solid Proof and marked as 100% reliable. In 2022, despite the record-breaking number of fraudulent pre-sale projects, a rare few projects like C+Charge are trustworthy. Let’s remind you that investing cryptocurrency in pre-sale offers the highest returns. If you like the project and want to earn carbon credits by investing and driving your electric car, visit C+Charge’s website and make your investment in 5 easy steps.

Ön Satış Başlangıç2022 4. Çeyrek
Satın Alma YöntemleriBNB, USDT ve Transak
Blok ZinciriBSC
Min Yatırım1,000 CCHG
Max YatırımN/A

4. Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria, which distinguishes itself from many blockchain projects with its two different reward altcoins, enters the market as a play-to-win project. With these native tokens, investors have the advantage of earning rewards or having a say in the platform. These two native tokens of Calvaria are $eRIA and $RIA and are currently available for pre-sale at an affordable price.

Calvaria, which is currently sold at a price of $0.01, will increase its price in the upcoming pre-sale stages. Therefore, we can say that now is the best time for investors.

Both tokens can be used for in-game purchases and rewards. However, there are also different uses. For example, the RIA token can be used for governance purposes.

RIA holders also have the right to vote on decisions for the ecosystem. The weight of the votes varies according to the number of tokens held by investors (more tokens, more voting rights).

According to Calvaria’s white paper, another method of earning on the platform is the staking system. Investors can stake their tokens, enabling long-term investments and earning rewards on a daily basis.

In Calvaria, players can use eRIA tokens to combine NFT cards of the same level and turn them into NFT cards with higher levels. They also have the opportunity to win various prizes by participating in tournaments within the game and staying active.

It should be noted that both tokens can be traded on exchanges. The platform also has a good advantage for those who regularly buy game tokens: there is no additional fee for the sale. The project, which has a total supply of 1 billion, has reserved 30% of the supply for pre-sale. Looking at the numbers collected in the pre-sale, it is clear that investors are interested in this new play-to-win project.

For more information about Calvaria, you can subscribe to the Calvaria Telegram channel; If you are wondering how to buy Calvaria, you can check out our Buy Calvaria page.

Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in? Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in? Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in?

Calvaria Pre-Sale Information

Total Supply 1 Billion RIAs

Pre-sale: 300 Million RIA

1. Aşama1 USDT = 100 RIAFiyat: $0.01
2. Aşama1 USDT = 66.67 RIAFiyat: $0.015
3. Aşama1 USDT = 50 RIAFiyat: $0.02
4. Aşama1 USDT = 40 RIAFiyat: $0.025
5. Aşama1 USDT = 33.33 RIAFiyat: $0.03
6. Aşama1 USDT = 28.57 RIAFiyat: $0.035
7. Aşama1 USDT = 25 RIAFiyat: $0.04
8. Aşama1 USDT = 22.22 RIAFiyat: $0.045
9. Aşama1 USDT = 20 RIAFiyat: $0.05
10. Aşama1 USDT = 18.18 RIAFiyat: $0.055

5. RobotEra (TARO)

Next on our list is the new metaverse project RobotEra. RobotEra, which enters the market as a crypto-based game project, is a new metaverse project that offers players various building tools and NFTs. TARO, the native token, is currently being offered for sale in the pre-sale process.

Following The Sandbox and Decentraland, which have an important place among metaverse projects, RobotEra offers users a comprehensive gaming ecosystem. Within the RobotEra universe, users can purchase metaverse plots as NFTs and develop these digital assets to increase their resources.

In addition to plots, one of the main NFT assets in the game is Robots, which represent user profiles. RobotEra will mint 10,000 limited edition robots from 7 different in-game campaigns. Each robot campaign will exist on 7 unique planets on the Taro planet that make up the game ecosystem.

Players can use the TARO token to purchase in-game NFT assets. The game allows users to mint NFTs, trade or advertise NFTs, or stake TARO tokens.

As stated in the RobotEra whitepaper, users who stake TARO tokens also have the opportunity to join the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and have a say in the management of the project.

The total supply of TARO, RobotEra’s native token, is 1.8 billion. Of this, 5% (90 million) is reserved for the first pre-sale phase. The TARO token, which is currently sold at very low prices, will be gradually increased in price as it moves to other stages of the pre-sale. Therefore, those who want to buy can buy the TARO token without missing the opportunity.

Ön Satış Başlangıç Tarihi2022 4. Çeyrek
Satın Alma YöntemleriETH, USDT
Blok ZinciriEthereum
Min. Yatırım1,000 TARO
Max. YatırımN/A


IMPT is defined as a unique zero-carbon project that encourages organizations and individuals to be more environmentally conscious. IMPT, which enables its users to earn carbon credits through purchases in its marketplace or through purchases, allows corporate and individual investors to contribute to the climate crisis.

It should be noted that the IMPT pre-sale has just started and is in the initial stage. Currently, IMPT tokens are available for sale at $0.018. 600 million tokens are reserved for the first phase of the pre-sale, which will continue until November 25, 2022. Afterwards, two more pre-sale phases will be held with a supply of 1.2 billion tokens. The price of these pre-sales will be 0.023 dollars and 0.028 dollars respectively.

Users can also buy and sell carbon credits or hold IMPT tokens for investment directly on the IMPT carbon marketplace. Unique NFTs designed by artists are also available for purchase.

It should be noted that the IMPT pre-sale has just started and is in its early stages. Currently, IMPT tokens are available for sale at $0.018. 600 million tokens are reserved for the first phase of the pre-sale, which will continue until November 25, 2022. Afterwards, two more pre-sale phases will be held with a supply of 1.2 billion tokens. The price of these pre-sales will be 0.023 dollars and 0.028 dollars respectively

Blok ZinciriEthereum
Token Fiyatı$0.0180
Ön Satış Bitiş Tarihi25 Kasım 2022 (İlk Aşama)
EkipDenis Creighton (CEO), Mike English (CTO), Hugh Phelan (CLO)

7. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

The newly launched Dash 2 Trade platform is positioning itself as a high-end cryptocurrency analysis and information platform. The platform offers a variety of tools such as crypto trading signals, price forecasts and social analytics to help traders make more informed decisions.

It’s worth noting that Dash 2 Trade, which is currently in pre-sale, raised $500k in just the first 24 hours of the first phase of the pre-sale. This proves the confidence of investors in the D2T token.

The Dash 2 Trade platform is powered by the D2T token. Dash 2 Trade, which entered the market as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Network like many cryptocurrencies with strong infrastructure, offers its users a crypto analysis platform, crypto signals and social trading features.

As stated in Dash 2 Trade’s white paper, the total supply of the D2T token is 1 billion. Of this total supply, 700 million were sold last month as part of the pre-sale. While on sale, the first 35 million D2T tokens were offered for sale at a price of $0.0476 and the entire supply was sold out within days.

Fiyat AşamasıToplanacak MiktarAyrılan Token Sayısı
Ön Satış Başlangıç19 Ekim 2022
Satın Alma YöntemleriETH, USDT, Transak
Blok ZinciriEthereum
Min Yatırım1,000 D2T
Max YatırımN/A

8. Tamadoge (TAMA)

As a result of our detailed research, we can say that Tamadoge is one of the best cryptocurrencies you can invest in. Presented to investors as a pre-sale in July, 85% of TAMA has already been purchased by investors. So why are investors showing so much interest?

The main reason for this interest is that its infrastructure is based on the metaverse universe, the technology of the future. The main goal of this play-win project is to grow players’ NFT pets to defeat the pets of opposing players. You need to take care of your NFT pet in the same way you would take care of a normal pet. Once you have grown your pet enough, you can try to become 1st in a scoreboard that works like a tournament. When you become 1st, the authorities will reward you with Tamadoge.

As we explained at the beginning of this article, 85% of the available supply has been sold. If you want to invest early, you still have a chance. You can easily go to the relevant cryptocurrency’s page and trade by clicking the button below.

Note: You can use Ethereum, USDT or credit card for investment.

9. AVAX (Avalanche)

Although AVAX is a crypto that many Turks know because the CEO of AVAX is Turkish, AVAX is actually a competitor to coins like Ethereum, which has an important place in the crypto market. You may have heard that the transaction fee for transactions on the Ethereum network is very high. This transaction fee is one of the issues that make AVAX a rival to Ethereum. AVAX also focuses on transaction speed and is environmentally friendly.

One of the answers to the question of why we should invest in AVAX is that AVAXs paid as transaction fees are incinerated, and this incineration process further reduces the already limited supply of coins and contributes to the long-term increase in price. AVAX, which is seen as Solana’s rival, has the potential to take Solana’s seat in the future as it pioneers new projects on its platform.


One of the most important reasons why we list KAVA, one of the decentralized finance (DeFi) coins, in our article is the new developments they announced this year. One of these developments, the Mainnet Launch, is usually one of the developments that have a positive impact on the price.

In a nutshell, KAVA is the bank of decentralized finance, offering loans and interest returns to users on its platform. KAVA also has a stablecoin, which aims to protect investors from the risky nature of crypto.

11. NEAR (Near Protocol)

Near is a development platform and enables developers to build decentralized applications. Near is a Tier-1 coin, just like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana. Layer-1 is a set of solutions that enhance the underlying protocol itself to make the overall blockchain system much more scalable.

The reason for including Near on our list is that they have launched a bridge protocol that allows Near to work with many blockchains like Ethereum. This protocol enables developers who want to work across different blockchains and makes NEAR stand out among other projects.

12. ALICE (My Neighbor Alice)

ALICE, ranked 12th on our list, is a Metaverse project. If you don’t know what Metaverse is, let’s explain it briefly; Metaverse is a virtual universe with augmented reality. If you’ve ever heard of people buying land in the Metaverse, you can easily understand what we mean. Now let’s go back to Alice, ALICE allows people to buy virtual land on the ALICE platform, as well as collect NFTs. In My Neighbor Alice, people can make purchases with ALICE tokens.

The project owners have announced that the full game will be released this summer, and with the token being used in the game and the Metaverse being a trend right now, My Neighbor Alice is a project that we think will bring good profits in the long run.

13. BNB (Binance Coin)

The last coin on our list, BNB, is the cryptocurrency of Binance, one of the largest exchanges in the world. The biggest advantage that Binance Coin offers to its users is that if you are using the Binance exchange, you can pay the commissions for your transactions with BNB, which is 50% cheaper. After buying BNB, you can also use BNB as a means of payment if you want, let’s say you want to send coins to your wallet, while blockchain networks such as Ethereum charge high commissions, with BNB you can transfer the payment fee with a much lower amount.

In addition, with Binance Smart Chain, a decentralized blockchain, you can perform your transaction on Binance Smart Chain without the need for different networks by paying a fast and low commission.

Finally, with BNB, you can buy new coins listed on Binance cheaper in advance, and if you’re interested in NFTs, you can use your BNB to buy NFTs on Binance’s NFT marketplace. Since the Binance exchange burns BNB on a regular basis, it ensures that in the long run, BNB will depreciate less than other coins in this volatile market, making it one of the most important investments.

Trusted Crypto Exchanges

After reading and researching the coins on the list, you may have wondered where you can buy them, so let’s continue with the exchanges where you can buy cryptocurrencies:

  • OKX
  • Binance 
  • Crypto.com
  • Coinbase
  • Defi Swap 
  • Paribu 

1. OKX

With more than 20 million users in more than 200 countries, OKX is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Supporting more than 340 tokens, OKX offers users the opportunity to buy new coins that are not available on every exchange.

One of the most striking features of the OKX exchange is its low trading fee of 0.10%. The popular cryptocurrency exchange also supports payment methods such as credit card, debit card, e-wallet and bank transfer.

OKX, which also has a P2P exchange, also offers users a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. It also offers users different crypto savings accounts and staking for popular cryptocurrencies.

The most prominent and popular feature of OKX is that it hosts new coins that are new to the market and that most crypto exchanges do not list. Because of this feature, investors can easily invest in new cryptocurrencies on OKX.

2. Binance

As one of the most widely used exchanges in the world with the highest daily volume, Binance attracts users with its variety of coins. However, people who are new to the exchange may find it difficult to use Binance.

Binance, which has both a web and mobile app, has made the platform more understandable and simple for new users with the Lite feature on the mobile app, showing that the exchange is user-friendly. Therefore, even if you’re a first-time cryptocurrency trader, you can use Binance’s mobile app to trade very easily.

3. Crypto.com

One of the best crypto exchanges, Crypto.com is notable for charging its users lower transaction fees than other exchanges. The Crypto.com exchange charges a 0.40% commission fee per trade, but if you hold the exchange’s native token, CRO, you will pay even less.

Crypto.com is also home to more than 250 altcoins, making it a good choice for those looking to invest in cryptocurrencies. In addition to all this, the Crypto.com exchange allows its users to buy crypto with a credit card. If you want, you can buy many altcoins with your credit or debit card without making a transfer from your bank to the exchange.

4. Coinbase

Coinbase, the 3rd exchange with the most users, stands out with its ease of use. We recommend it for first-time crypto traders due to its ease of use. The Coinbase exchange also offers a free $10 bonus to new users to test the platform. You can create an account on the Coinbase exchange and make your first cryptocurrency investment with the free 10 dollars.

5. Defi Swap

Defi Swap, one of the best decentralized exchanges, is our recommendation for people who want to trade on a decentralized exchange.

6. Paribu

Paribu is a Turkish crypto exchange that attracts the attention of crypto beginners with its easy coin buying/selling screen. Paribu, one of the first exchanges used by many people, allows its users to buy and sell in Turkish lira.

You can make a free transfer to Paribu from your bank to the exchange and make your purchase by paying only 0.35% commission fee. If you wish, you can withdraw your money from Paribu to your bank account instantly by paying a 3TL commission fee.


Since cryptocurrencies are risky investment instruments due to their volatility, you should do your research and invest in the project that best suits your needs. Altcoins move according to the price movement of Bitcoin, so while you should not invest more than you can lose, we hope that the projects we present in our article have been a resource for you on how to do research. In our article, we have listed the cryptocurrencies that have risen the most this year, and remember that you should diversify your investments to get the maximum advantage when investing.

Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in? Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in? Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in? Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in? Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in? Which Cryptocurrency to Invest in?

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