Crypto Market Whales are on the Move: Three Altcoins in the Crosshairs!


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Cryptocurrency whales have targeted three altcoins that have risen rapidly recently: AGIX, MATIC and RNDR. With the popularization of artificial intelligence, AGIX, MATIC’s DeFi staking activities and RNDR’s gains are attracting the attention of whales.

In May, the US debt ceiling debate dominated the cryptocurrency market. Despite a 9% drop in total market capitalization, cryptocurrency investors, often referred to as “whales”, continued to invest in prominent altcoins.

Three Altcoins in Crypto Whales’ Crosshairs This Week Data on the blockchain documents that whales have recently been particularly targeting altcoins such as AGIX, MATIC and RNDR. Of these altcoins, SingularityNET (AGIX) garnered widespread media attention in early 2023 with the momentum of ChatGPT and the subsequent AI trend.

Between May 11th and 25th, there appears to have been a significant collection of whales holding between 1 and 10 million AGIX coins. During this time, the whales added around 7 million more AGIX to their holdings.

The current value of AGIX is hovering at $0.275664, up 7.5% intraday. The whales are known to have collected a total of approximately $1.82 million worth of AGIX in May. This whale group owns 65% of the circulating AGIX supply.

With Nvidia’s announcements in its first quarter report, we are witnessing an increased interest in the AI coin market, especially AGIX.

MATIC Boosts Confidence Among Whales Polygon’s (MATIC) price fell 17% in the first 12 trading days of May. However, since breaking through the resistance of $0.83 on May 11, it has managed to recoup most of the losses. The increase in DeFi staking by whales and bullish activity has been a key factor in the recent MATIC price recovery.

In particular, the group of whales holding between 1 and 100 million MATICs has been at the forefront of this recovery. Between May 16 and 25, they bought about $10.5 million worth of MATICs. This implies that around 11.4 million MATICs were transferred to whale wallets.

The Santiment chart, where whales started buying MATICs around May 16 and the MATIC price increased, stands out as a remarkable detail. If this trend continues, Polygon (MATIC) investors can expect the price increase to turn into a prolonged bull rally.

Altcoin Whales Show Heavy Interest in Render (RNDR) Similar to SingularityNET (AGIX), Render (RNDR) came on the radar of the mainstream media in January 2023. RNDR is following in the footsteps of AGIX, steadily increasing its gains since the beginning of 2023. Therefore, it seems that RNDR is still attractive for strategic whale investors.

Looking at the chart, whales with between 100,000 and one million RNDR started buying again from May 17. Between May 17 and May 25, these whales added a total of 5.9 million RNDR to their wallets.

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