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AVAX, Moonbeam, DASH, SAND, Shiba coin, dogecoin were included in the list of coins that will make 50X in 2023.

AVAX, Moonbeam, DASH, SAND Coin were included in the list of coins that will make 50X in 2023. According to the predictions of Altcoinbuzz analysts and Morgan Creek Capital CIO Mark Yusko, AVAX and GLMR are among the cryptocurrencies that will make 50X in the medium term. In our content, we bring you detailed and analyst opinions about the coins that will make 50X in 2023.

Coins that will make 50X 2023

  • Avax
  • moonbeam
  • dash
  • sand coin
  • mana
  • enjin
  • dogecoin
  • theta
  • Avalanche (AVAX) Coin

Avalanche is a network that, like the Ethereum blockchain, is conducive to token creation and solves scaling problems. On the Avalanche network, there are projects such as Polygon, Play Crabada, Trader Joe, many WEFI applications and other applications that are important in the cryptocurrency world. AVAX Coin is the native cryptocurrency used to cover transaction fees on the Avalanche blockchain. It is used for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. AVAX Coin, when staked, provides node creators with a certain staking reward.

AVAX Coin traded at $17.37 on January 13, 2023, down 5%. However, according to analysts, the coin has the potential for a 50X increase in the future. Mark Yusko, CIO of Morgan Creek Capital, is among the strategists who think AVAX will do 50X.

Yusko predicts that AVAX Coin will outperform other altcoins in the next bull run. It was stated that AVAX Coin, which has increased by more than 70% since the beginning of the year, has benefited significantly from the Amazon announcement. On the other hand, the 40% BTC rally recorded in 2023 had an impact on the further increase in AVAX price value.

Moonbeam (GLMR) Coin

On February 6, 2023, Altcoinbuzz analysts announced which coins they included in the coins that will make 50X in 2023 category. According to analysts, GLMR Coin has the potential to offer earnings to its investors with a 50X increase. Analysts state that Moonbeam has the most advanced ecosystem for cross-chain communication. In this ecosystem, where work can take place over DOT, maintaining interoperability is one of the main goals.

Altcoinbuzz analysts Why is Moonbeam Coin important? Why can it increase? They answer their questions through the following statements.

Moonbeam itself is a smart contract platform for cross-chain applications that can combine all functionality from Polkadot, Ethereum and beyond. It is not the only DOT project in this space, but it is the most powerful.
The above feature allows developers to easily build their own ETH-compatible decentralized applications or DAAPs on Moonbeam.
Developers can also use the EVM machine, the heart of Ethereum, on Moonbeam. This gives them the advantage of creating smart contracts and DAaps in the Solidity computer language.

These qualities are expected to ensure the future success of GLMR Coin. On the other hand, GLMR Coin has managed to appreciate over 31% since January 6, 2023. Although it came to the agenda with a depreciation this week, it continued to maintain its gains on a monthly basis.


Dash Coin is another cryptocurrency that analysts expect to make 50X in the future, and the features that are expected to give it a price increase in the future are as follows:

Dash Coin gives investors the advantage of privacy. Those who trade with Dash Coin can protect their identities and keep their coins in a better way.
Many of the problems that come up for BTC are not on the agenda for Dash. Dash Coin promises investors fast data transfer. It allows users to save time with fast transactions.
The Dash system is built on the logic of self-sustainability and therefore transaction fees are quite low. It does not need help from an external network.

Dash Coin with the relevant qualities is also still among the favorites of investors in February 2023. On February 13, 2023, it was in the green, trading at $62.88. The historical chart of the cryptocurrency, which ranks 66th in the market rankings, is led by the periods when it realized the increase.

The Sandbox (SAND) Coin

SAND Coin has been added by analysts to the list of coins that will make 50X 2023. SAND Coin is expected to be one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse in the future. SAND Coin is used for transactions and interactions in The Sandbox ecosystem. Using the ERC 20-based SAND Coin, you can vote for decisions to be made on the platform with DAO. In The Sandbox, SAND Coin can also be used to participate in the staking process, where passive earnings are obtained through virtual land.

SAND Coin reached $0.086 in value shortly after its debut. The relevant price was reflected in the table in 2020. By the second half of 2021, SAND Coin had risen 5000% from its debut price. This massive increase brought it into the limelight. In August 2021, the token broke the much-anticipated $1 target price. The very next day, it hit a new record high of $1.6. When we look at today, it is trading at $0.673 on February 13, 2023. Analysts emphasize in their forecasts that this coin could increase 50X in 2023 and retest $1 before then.

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